Hiding behind this triangle you will find Alecxps (also known as Alex Hinojosa), a self-taught graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain.

Even though he is a man of science according to his BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Alex started playing with Adobe Photoshop and making alternative movie posters during the boring summer of 2009. Years later, he finally got the opportunity to make the theatrical key art for the Spanish film Algo Muy Gordo. Since then, he has designed official artwork for clients all over the world: GrandSon, Leroy & Rose, OOG Creative, Metanoïa Agency, Sestero Pictures, Corte A Films, Reel Issues Films, Shore Points and more.

If you are a filmmaker/producer/creative agency and need key art for your movie, short film, web series… (your anything!), don’t hesitate to contact!

e-mail: alecxps@gmail.com
twitter: @alecxpsdesign
instagram: @alecxpsdesign